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May 4,2015
Rules for the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area were approved by the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee on Thursday.
The main task will be to transfer administrative functions from Beijing to neighboring areas and improve living conditions in the densely populated areas.
May 4,2015
China's State Council, the country's cabinet, rolled out four measures on Friday encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation and creation of more jobs.
The four measures were included in the guidelines on employment and entrepreneurship work under the new situation, which underscored pressure in the job market, and urged proactive employment policies to be implemented.
May 11,2015
Residents in Beijing can report on indoor smoking in public venues after the smoking ban takes effect in June, a government official said on Sunday.
The Beijing municipal legislature passed a bill in November last year, banning smoking in all indoor public places, workplaces, and on public transportation.
May 11,2015
China has unveiled a document on deepening medical and health system reform in 2015, mapping out measures to improve public hospitals and the medical insurance system.
According to the document, issued by the General Office of the State Council, public hospitals should not rely on medicine sales to supplement their income.
May 12,2015
The United States' human rights record was reviewed on Monday by the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) with a view to implement all fundamental freedoms in the country.
The main issues raised by state delegations included the use of racial profiling and excessive police force, capital punishment, the Guantanamo detention center, digital surveillance, and the ratification of key international conventions.
May 15, 2015 
A total of 150 suspects have been returned to China from overseas since "Fox hunt 2015" began in April, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) said Thursday.
The MPS said the suspects were found in 32 countries and regions. Eight had been overseas for over 10 years.
May 20,2015
Air pollution is still public enemy number one in China's fight for green living, according to the country's environmental watchdog.
Among 1,463 complaints received by the Ministry of Environmental Protection in 2014, 78 percent were related to air quality, a 5-percent year-on-year increase, according to a ministry statement on Tuesday.
All the complaints were lodged through the telephone hotline "12369." Other major reasons for complaints were water and noise pollution.
May 22,2015
China has spent over 100 billion yuan (16 bln U.S. dollars) in the past six years aiding people who can't afford medical services, a senior Ministry of Finance official said on Thursday.
The central budget for medical assistance in 2015 stands at 14.1 billion yuan, excluding funds from local treasuries, said Song Qichao, deputy head of the ministry's social security department, at a press conference.
China established a national medical assistance system in 2008, allocating money to help disadvantaged people purchase medical insurance and to subsidize healthcare not included in insurance programs.
Last year, the nation spent 25.4 billion yuan on such subsidies, benefiting 102 million people.
May 22,2015
China Society for Human Rights Studies delegation visited Thailand from May 18 to May 20. 
During the visiting, the delegation inspected and communicated with Thailand’s MFA, National Commission on Human Rights(Thailand),and higher education institutes on human rights protection, human rights theory studies, choices of human rights development road.
May 25, 2015 
China Society for Human Rights Studies delegation led by Luo Haocai visited Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia and held seminars with Malaysia’s MFA, National Commission on Human Rights (Malaysia), and Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute respectively on May 21 and 22. 
Chinese and Malaysian scholars and personnel concerned on seminar respectively introduced measures, experiences and achievements on human rights protection and human rights theory studies.
May 27, 2015 
Chairman Luo Haocai, also vice-chairman of the National Committee of the 9th and 10th CPPCC leading China Society for Human Rights Studies delegation visited University Malaysia Sabah, held seminars with university leaders, related personnel and Chinese overseas students on May 24. Both sides exchanged views on human rights academic researches, disciplinary building, and cooperation between UMS and China’s higher institutes. The delegation also visited the museum of UMS. During the visiting, Luo visited all faculties of Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Kota Kinabalu. Consul-General Chen Peijie attended all activities above as well.
May 28,2015
China Society for Human Rights Studies delegation led by chairman Luo Haocai visited Singapore and exchanged views with Singapore’s MFA, Law School and East Asian Institute of National University of Singapore on measures of human rights protection and social governance, human rights researches, the relation between human rights and economic development and social stability.
Both sides participants agreed on East Asian Institute seminar that China and Singapore have common in human rights issues and benefit each other on human rights researches. They believed that full implementation of human rights is based on economic development and social stability. Human rights protection requires the coordination between rights and obligations, balanced development of all forms of rights, certain limitation of each right. East Asian Institute counselor Huang Zhaohan said , there is no monolithic human rights model because of distinguished social and cultural backgrounds and human rights values.
May 29,2015
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday said the 13th five-year plan period (2016-2020) will be crucial, and governments at all levels should foresee the major trends and plan economic and social development well.
Xi made the remarks when meeting with leading officials from seven regions in east China: Shanghai, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Shandong and Zhejiang.


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