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Juan F. JIMENEZ Mayor Right to Peace:The Contribution of the Organization of American States
September 21,2015   By:chinahumanrights.org
Right to Peace: The Contribution of the Organization of American States
Juan F. JIMENEZ Mayor

In America border disputes have not been resolved by means of weapons, at least not all. It is a continent of peace, as ratified in a recent resolution adopted by the 55th General Assembly of the OAS which determined that America is a zone of peace, cooperation and peaceful settlement of disputes (AG/doc.5447/14). And much is it due to the existence of the OAS and the Pact of Bogota. I clarify, both of them together.
The OAS Charter assumes the path of peace when it states that: "the controversy between Member States should be subject to procedures for the peaceful settlement of disputes set out in the Charter". Their hemispheric presence is important in the event of any conflict and countries frequently invoke it. No one will give up resorting to the OAS face any deadlock, and hence its importance even if States have not ratified the Pact of Bogota, which generates a certain way against the controversies that may culminate in a process before the International Court of Justice.
It is important to point out that many of the new countries that make up the OAS belonging to the Caribbean have not signed the Pact of Bogota. This probably explains the lack of knowledge in a subject so specialized, the lack of tradition in the Inter-American juridical system of these new States and finally to the fact that most of the Caribbean countries are island developing States that do not share common borders.
There is no doubt that there is an evolution in the Inter-American legal system built on and around the OAS and that the Organization has had a significant presence in the Mission of maintaining peace in the region without a break, even without invoking in all cases the Pact of Bogota. The organs of the OAS have permanently concern in cases of conflicts between States as the controversy of Guatemala and Belize and even within the States themselves, as the peace process in Colombia, which is being followed closely. It is a core mandate of the Organization, without prejudice to what other international organizations can do.
It is important to note in the construction of peace in the continent, which the Inter-American legal system has also built a structure of principles and standards that seek to generate a minimum standard of how Governments should work on their relationship with the citizens. There are instruments that seek to regulate the primacy of freedom on political abuses. The history of the Americas demanded it.
In this way, since the same 1948 it boasts the American Declaration of the rights and duties of man already hint above, but also a set of important inter-American legal instruments, notably the American Convention on human rights, in force since 1978, also known as the "Pact of San Jose", which also is a milestone because it regulates human rights and establishes a mechanism of supervision and control through two key organs : the existing inter-American Commission since a reform of the Charter in 1959 and the Inter-American Court, which is itself a Court of Justice in human rights twenty-five countries involving (two denounced it).

(The author is Permanent Representative of Mission of Peru to the Organization of American States.)