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Mr. Junru LI
September 15,2015   By:chinahumanrights.org
Vice-President of China Society for Human Rights Studies, Former Vice-president of Party School of Central Committee of CPC
Mr. Li is a Research Fellow, Ph.D. Supervisor, Member of the National Committee of the 10th CPPCC, and Standing Member of the 11th CPPCC. Prof. Li Junru enjoys the Special Subsidy awarded by the State Council. He was Assistant President of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Director of the Centre for Studies of Mao Zedong Thoughts, Director of the Center for Studies of Deng Xiaoping Theories, Vice Director-General of the Bureau of Theoretical Studies under the Publicity Department of CCCPC, and Vice Director of the Party History Research Center of CCCPC. Prof. Li is also a Standing Member of the History Academy of Marxist Philosophy, President of China Society of “Three Represents”, Vice-president of China Reform Forum, Associate Director of the Party History, Deputy-director of both CPC History Society and Theories Study Society of CPPCC, etc. He has published dozens of books like “On Idea Rebirth”, and hundreds of articles like “Deng Xiaoping’s Thoughts of Governing”.