The Interaction between Government and the Public over the Internet: the Case of the "Internet Hall" in Hangzhou
April 17,2015   By:ssap
With the coming of the internet society and the speedy developing of the social media, Civil rights protection mechanism has become to develop over the internet. For the local officer, how to deal with the netizen's orderly participation is the significant issue. In the process of City governance, the government of Hangzhou City has explored a new way with Chinese Character to protect civil rights over the internet. As the network interactive authentic platform, the "Internet Hall" in Hangzhou has broken the traditional unidirectional information transmission mode from the government to the citizen. The platform not only has connected online with offline,but also has linked the internet with the real world in the social composite subject of governance. Through the full guarantee to the Right to know, the Right to express, the Right to be heard, the Right to oversee, local government has constructed multiple channels for the citizen to express and access to government. The effective interaction between the government and the citizens, has promoted local governance, and has enhanced the level of human rights guarantee of city government at the same time.