The Safefguard of Citizen's Health Rights and Reform of Public Hospital
April 17,2015   By:ssap
Public hospitals are the major suppliers in the health care service system in China. However,there are problems in the present public hospital system,such as the imbalance of distribution of health care resources,the insufficiency of governmental budget,the inappropriate managing model,and the unfairness in the market competition between public and private hospitals. In the New Medical Reform Scheme of 2009,the reform of public hospital system was chosen as one of the major issues. In the year of 2013,central and local governments kept increasing the budget for public hospitals. In the experimental area the currant policy of profiting from medication was abandoned,the overall distribution of hospitals was improved,hospital groups were established,whereas the local hospitals in county level were developed. New managing system was also tried,in order to improve the efficiency of health care service.