The New Development of Rights to Legal Assistance for Criminal Detainnees
April 17,2015   By:ssap
Due to the enforcement of the new Criminal Procedural Law and related regulations in 2013,the protection of the rights of criminal detainees to legal assistance and fair trial has been effectively improved. The legal aid stations newly established in the criminal detention centers substantially support the pre-trial detainees to know their rights,apply for legal aid,prepare their defense and effectively participate in the process of criminal justice. Police,procuratorate and courts also play an active role to protect the rights of detainees in terms of timely notification of rights to legal consultation,management of the interview in detention centers,on-site supervising and judicial review. To meet the soaring needs for criminal legal aid in the future,the role of duty lawyers should be enhanced,both quantity and quality of criminal legal aid must be ensured,more sorts of proper lawyers and paralegals should be included to provide legal assistance or public defense for criminal detainees.