Human Rights Protection in Community-based Correction
April 17,2015   By:ssap
As a new executive mode for the non-imprisonment penalty,community-based correction has been practicing since the pilot reform in China,which is achieving specialization,standardization and normalization. The process design of Chinese community-based correction system reflects the thinking in which government would both combat against crime and pay attention to the protection of human rights. Along with the function of community correction changed from punishment to education and the methods changed from supervision to social work,community-based correction objects’ rights to live have been ensured by system,rights of personality have been respected by law,but the rights of labor have been relying on policy support,rights to education could be social concern. Meanwhile,the protection for other rights have been improving gradually. On the whole,community correction objects’ rights have been protected by system to a certain extent,but which are not concrete and complete. Different types of community correction objects’ rights have not been distinguished effectively;special objects’ rights protection would be strengthened further. Base on studying for Chinese community-based correction system’s development and experience of some regions,this article summarized basic facts on the rights protection of community-based correction objects in China,analyzed the real problems in this field,offered some operated suggestions,and expected to be conducive to Chinese community-based correction works and the protection of human rights in this field.