Protection of Right of the Stay-at-home Children in Rural Areas
April 17,2015   By:ssap
The right for stay-at-home children in rural areas mainly includes right to survival,right to education,right of protection and right of development. For the reasons that China lacks of special legal authority concerning the right for stay-at-home children in rural areas and their own characteristics,stay-at-home children in rural areas is facing the status of right deficiency and weak protection. To make sure stay-at-home children in rural areas can fulfill their rights and get full development,the nation should perfect the legal system and strengthen public awareness,establish nationwide information database of stay-at-home children in rural areas,combine the actions for stay-at-home children with actions for migrant children,accelerate the construction of medical,educational and recreational facilities,and give full play to the effect of social parts to protect the right for stay-at-home children.