Protection for the Rights of the Drug Addicts
April 17,2015   By:ssap
China announced the administrative regulation in 2013,which include the isolated compulsory drug-rehab,the community-based drug rehabilitation and the community-based recovery. It expanded that the drug addicts’ human rights components in the meantime. With the improvement of the drug addicts rights’ assurance system,it is focusing on consolidation of ‘people first’ voluntary drug rehabilitation modalities,strengthening the care and assistance function of the community-based drug rehabilitation recovery,specification for comprehensive treatment the isolated compulsory drug-rehab,and promoting the maintenance treatment with the drug-relief medicines of the scientific drug rehabilitation. At present,the overall situation of Chinese rehab work is still grim,it should be strengthened the rights protection legislation for the drug addicts,which need to improve the detoxification mechanism for the implementation of the rights and remedies,and to make a further progress of the protection for the rights of the drug addicts.