An Analysis Report on the Human Rights Books Published in Mainland China during 2003-2013
April 17,2015   By:ssap
The human rights books published in mainland China during 2003-2013 have several characteristics. From the theme perspective,a few books make deep study on concrete rights. From the perspective of different disciplines,most research belongs to the class of law research. The tendency of studying human rights in an interdisciplinary way has emerged,but the quality of interdisciplinary study should be greatly improved. From the research way perspective,most social science research methods are comprehensively used in the human rights study. Relatively speaking,few books take the empirical investigation as the key way. In the future,we should do more work to further the specific rights study,interdisciplinary study and empirical study;also more research projects should be approved to support human rights study. So we can make more powerful academic support for the human rights progress.