The Normative Enlightenment of China’s Human Rights Studies from the Space
January 04,2015   By:CSHRS

-Time Dimensions of the Chinese Dream                                                                                                              
HUO Guihuan

In order to gradually build a theoretical system of human rights with Chinese characteristics that conforms to the development of the times through rigorous academic research, researchers need to break through the basic thinking tendency of “from idea to idea” step by step and finally establish the fundamental research orientation of “specifying human rights studies.” Through comprehensive and systematic analysis and sorting out various basic concepts relating to human rights, researchers also need to finally establish a solid foundation and prerequisite for fruitful academic study. Meanwhile, it is necessary to truly uphold and implement the basic position of dialectical materialism advocated by the Marxist philosophy throughout the academic research processes, and gradually carry out rigorous theoretical research on human rights based on all the aspects of practical problems themselves, so as to draw concrete conclusions with realistic pertinence and theoretical explanation. Based on the point of view above, this article believes that it is of great theoretical and practical significance to apply full attention and emphasis to the space-time dimensions of the Chinese Dream in the process of today’s theoretical studies on human rights.

I. The Importance of the Space-Time Dimensions

Generally speaking, many things in human society, which are research objects in the fields of either the natural sciences or the humanities and social sciences, in essence emerge and exist in a specific time and space, and then function and gradually disappear in this particular time and space. Therefore, the space-time dimensions of anything are not just a kind of inherent basic component. For the researcher, they also constitute the essential entry point for academic study and eventually a touchstone for examining whether the researcher has truly adhered to the basic standpoint of dialectical materialism in academic research.
The reason for so much emphasis on the significance of the space-time dimensions of the object of study is not just because all kinds of objects are in a specific time and space - in specific natural environments, historical traditions and social realities from the perspective of space, and with a specific past, present and future from the perspective of time. It is also because as long as the researcher consciously includes the space-time dimensions of the object in his or her study perspective and thinks seriously, he or she will then naturally seek truth from facts in treating, understanding and studying the object, thus consciously or unconsciously insisting on and carrying out the basic position of dialectical materialism in academic research.
However, despite the significance of space-time dimensions, they have yet to receive sufficient attention or proper treatment and study by researchers. The reason is that, instead of existing by way of physical presence, space-time dimensions exist and function by way of relying on the substantive existence of the real object. In addition, it is especially because most researchers have the basic tendency to pursue and hold the view that the conclusions of their research are impeccable and absolutely valid in a universal manner. In this way, we can clearly see that in the research fields of the natural sciences and the humanities and social science where various aspects such as research object, nature, scope and conclusion are widely different, there exists a fundamental tendency and practice that researchers only pay attention to the objects of substantive existence and think little of their specific space-time dimensions; and  one of the direct consequences of such a practice is that most researchers highly praise and blindly exaggerate the domain of validity of their conclusions due to their wishful thinking. In my opinion, it is the academic root cause for many Western scholars, especially Western politicians to spare no effort in advocating so-called “universal value” in the study and propaganda of human rights.

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