China Society for Human Rights Studies delegation visited Thailand
May 22,2015   By:chinahumanrights.org
May 22,2015--China Society for Human Rights Studies delegation visited Thailand from May 18 to May 20. 
During the visiting, the delegation inspected and communicated with Thailand’s MFA, National Commission on Human Rights(Thailand),and higher education institutes on human rights protection, human rights theory studies, choices of human rights development road.
This visit marked an important step for CSHRS’s “going out and bringing in” strategy, which was also significant for communicating human rights issues with neighboring countries especially southeastern countries and vital to introduce China’s human rights achievements, strengthen the economic and cultural relationship between two countries.
Luo Haocai, president of CSHRS said it was essential to going out for we can learn the experiences and situations of other countries as well as introduce how we study and develop human rights in these years so as to we can construct multiple cooperation.
Scholars from both sides agreed that human rights development in different countries and regions, different cultural backgrounds were faced with different problems and challenges. The diversity of human rights development shall be respected.
Chang Jian, vice director of Nankai University Human Rights Research Center said western voices dominated world human rights field. What we should do is to foster human rights communication with Asian countries and developing countries, which can help us to send out Asian voices and then make international interpretation of human rights diverse rather than monolithic--single interpretation of western culture.
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