CSHRS delegation visited Singapore
May 28,2015   By:chinahumanrights.org
May 28,2015--China Society for Human Rights Studies delegation led by chairman Luo Haocai visited Singapore and exchanged views with Singapore’s MFA, Law School and East Asian Institute of National University of Singapore on measures of human rights protection and social governance, human rights researches, the relation between human rights and economic development and social stability.
Both sides participants agreed on East Asian Institute seminar that China and Singapore have common in human rights issues and benefit each other on human rights researches. They believed that full implementation of human rights is based on economic development and social stability. Human rights protection requires the coordination between rights and obligations, balanced development of all forms of rights, certain limitation of each right. East Asian Institute counselor Huang Zhaohan said , there is no monolithic human rights model because of distinguished social and cultural backgrounds and human rights values.
Huang added that a country focus on subsistence during its primary period of economic development. Developing countries don’t conform with eastern developed countries in many aspects, thus they burdens human rights pressure from the west. Nowadays, social development and growing education level has gradually reduced western criticism on human rights issues of developing countries.
Chairman Luo Haocai agreed on that. He said society is moving forward and human rights aims to deal with the relations between power and right. Countries should take no pains to adjust their relations according to different situations.
The delegation has visited Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, hoping to introduce our human rights development, exchange views on human rights values and measures while understanding human rights protection systems and measures in these countries.
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