Blue book on China’s human rights wins award
August 20,2015   By:chinahumanrights.org
Aug.20,2015--On August 7th, 2015, the Annual Report on China’s Human Rights No.4 (2014)(Blue Book on China’s Human Rights) compiled by the China Society for Human Rights Studies (CSHRS) was awarded second prize in the Excellent Blue Books Competition at the 16th Annual National Meeting on Papers sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Social Science(CASS) and co-organized by the Social Sciences Academic Press(SSAP) and Hubei University. The blue book was also granted the right to use the title”Innovative Academic Publishing Project of CASS” in 2016.
Reports published for more than three consecutive years are qualified for Excellent Blue Books competition, according to the review committee created by the CASS and the SSAP. Evaluation indicators include “content quality” and “social impact”. The human rights blue book ranks 42th among the 300 odd reports with its content quality scoring 83.6 points, social impact 58.5 points and a composite score of 80.7 points. Eight were awarded first prize, thirteen second prize, and there were seventeen third prize winners.
The Annual Report on Human Rights has been published for four consecutive years since 2011 and the fifth will be released in the near future. Luo Haocai and Li Junru, president and vice president of the CSHRS, serve as the director of the editorial board and editor-in-chief respectively. Focusing on major issues of human rights development in China, the board summarizes the achievements and challenges and proposes suggestions. For more than five years, the Annual Report has been exerting great influence at home and abroad and has become an important document for China’s human rights studies.

Author: Chang Jian

By: Zhang Jidong  Liu Qiang
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