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Feature: Work is key issue for migrants in unemployment-hit Italy
November 30,2015   By:Xinhua
Italy, Nov.30,2015-- "There is no work in Italy, and that is why these people are often employed illegally. Unfortunately most of them do not have a future here," said Farid Joomun, a Mauritian who lives in the Sicilian city of Catania. 
Joomun arrived in Italy more than 20 years ago and through the years he has changed many jobs. 
"I make a living with temporary contracts as a seasonal worker," he told Xinhua. "But what I see now is an increasingly difficult situation," Joomun went on saying.
"Human traffickers bring here these people, who pay thousands of euros for the dream of a brilliant future. But there is no way for them to make a decent living in Italy," he added. 
According to a recent study presented by the Fiori di Acciaio (Steel Magnolias) association, a total of 139,770 migrants from troubled African and Middle Eastern countries have arrived in Italy this year so far, 9 percent less compared to the same period in 2014. 
The association said that Sicily island in southern Italy has topped the list of regions hosting the most migrants in reception facilities, followed by Lombardy and Lazio, respectively in northern and central Italy. However, most of the migrants who land in Italy are intentioned to move to other European countries, where they can find a job more easily, Fabio Di Naso, a lawyer at the Intercultural Center Casa dei Popoli (Homes of Peoples) in Catania, explained to Xinhua. 
In particular the Syrians, he noted, give a clear picture of this scenario, as many of them belong to the middle class and are just transiting through Italy to seek a better life elsewhere. 
"Many migrants get angry with Italy when they realize they have to wait a long time, up to more than one year, to get the residence permit that is necessary for them to find a job," a cultural mediator and Italian language teacher at the Homes of Peoples, Agata Privitera, told Xinhua. 
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