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Official promises more efforts in environmental protection
November 07,2016   By:Xinhua
BEIJING, Nov. 7, 2016 -- Chinese State Councilor Wang Yong said Friday that China will improve the quality of the environment and win public trust.
"China has made progress in environmental protection in recent years, but the situation remains serious and has not met the people's expectation," Wang said while answering legislators' questions at a joint inquiry meeting.
The meeting attended by top legislator Zhang Dejiang is part of the ongoing bimonthly session of the National People's Congress Standing Committee.
Legislators reviewed an inspection report on the enforcement of the Environmental Protection Law during the meeting.
Wang said authorities would promote "green" production and life styles and enhance public awareness of environmental protection.
China will strive to win "three battles against air, water and soil pollution" and ensure emission reduction goals are met, Wang said.
The Communist Party of China and government officials will take responsibility and strive to achieve a balance between development and environmental protection, he continued.
Authorities will also accelerate reforms of the protection mechanism and strengthen law enforcement, winning the people's trust by practical improvement of the environment.
Officials from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and other departments also answered legislators' questions during the Q&A-style inquiry.
Also on Friday, Zhang presided over a meeting of the chairpersons of the NPC Standing Committee, hearing a series of reports.
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