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Global actions needed to fight climate change: official
November 07,2016
Nov. 7, 2016 -- Nov.4, 2016 is a historic day when the Paris Agreement to combat climate change took effect, opening a new chapter in fighting global climate change. 
“The implementation of the Paris Agreement needs global actions and cooperation. Developing countries are eager to obtain supports of funding and technologies from developed countries, as they are not in a good position of slowing down and adapting to global warming and transferring greenhouse gas emissions,” said Liu Zhenmin, China’s vice foreign minister. 
“China will make continued efforts to combat global warming. We will continue to conduct South-South Cooperation and provide supports for African countries, small islands countries and undeveloped countries to help them meet climate change challenges,” Liu said.
“China will work hard with the international community to promote green development,” added Liu. 

By: Qu Yungui Liu Qiang
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