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Beijing deploys new water cannons to combat smog
November 15,2016
Nov. 15, 2016 -- Two vehicles carrying new-and-improved water cannons were put to use in the capital, Beijing Morning Post said.
The upgraded cannon can blast water mist at the micron scale, suppressing smog and dust in a more efficient manner, according to the report.
Designed with a longer range, the cannon mounted on the vehicles' back is capable of shooting powerful jets of water mist over 120 meters, said Xu Yuexin, an engineer with the anti-smog service provider.
Known as the multi-purpose anti-dust truck, two are now being used in Beijing's Chaoyang, a district home to foreign embassies and Olympic facilities.
Whenever the density of PM2.5 increases to 75 micrograms per cubic meter or above, the two vehicles will start to patrol 35 streets in the district.
Moreover, a new patented product has been applied in the vehicle's service this time, Xu revealed, saying it helps reduce smog.
Every three to seven days, a pollution-free dust suppressant will be added into the water cannon, so that the mist it blasts will form a coating on the road, generating a dust-controlling effect.
Northern regions of China have been confronting frequent bouts of smog in recent years. On Wednesday, Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau issued a blue alert for air pollution, and said that the smog would last for at least three days.
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