Environmental pollution one cause of declining fertility in China: expert
December 08,2016   By:People's Daily Online
Dec. 8, 2016 -- Environmental pollution is causing declining fertility and sperm quality in China, according to a research fellow at the Institute for Environmental Health and Product Safety under China's Center for Disease Control and Prevention. However, the impact of pollution of fertility should not be exaggerated.
The research fellow, Shang Qi, told the Science and Technology Daily that this phenomenon is not rare. Shang cited similar situations in developed countries years ago.
"However, it calls for greater efforts to discover the specific factors that lead to the phenomenon," he noted.
According to a report issued by American medical journal Fertility and Sterility, fewer than one-fifth of young men who donated sperm in Hunan province qualified as healthy donors; more than half qualified in 2001. The report also says that Hunan is not the only province suffering from a shortage of qualified donors. The report listed water and air pollution, as well as food contamination, as potential reasons for the impaired sperm.
Environmental pollution does have a negative impact on mankind, Shang noted. However, he stressed that people shouldn't panic over the issue, since the decline of sperm quality is caused by a variety of factors.
Shang explained that the Fertility and Sterility report didn't give detailed information about the unqualified donors, including their locations and occupations. Pollution is regional, and the exact cause of declining sperm quality can't be found without concrete data, he said. 
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