Values of Minority Rights Protection
September 28,2016   By:chinahumanrights.org
Zhou Shaoqing (photo: Zhao Yifan)

Values of Minority Rights Protection
Zhou Shaoqing*

Professor of  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Abstract: Value problems are deep-seated problems of minority rights protection.Based on analysis of related texts of history, theory, system and policy, five kinds of values of minority rights protection can be summed up, which have different emphases in different countries and regions, or in different historical periods of the same country. Alone or together, these values act on theory and practice of minority rights protection in these countries and regions,resulting in different political and social effects.First, majority interest is the earliest value in history to protect minority rights.In the process of formation of national states, majority interest in philosophy gradually transformed into the concept of national security and unity. After entering the modern times, the maintenance of national security and unity has gradually become an integral part of the values of the international and domestic laws to protect minority rights. This value concept fundamentally determines the breadth and depth of the protection of minority rights, and determines the basic direction and practical effect of the legislation and practice of the minority rights. Second, "rights and justice" is the core value of protection of minority rights, which involves two basic issues of democratic right balance and right compensation.In the value of minority rights protection, rights and justice, in particular, the justice concept of rights compensation has the most legitimate defense force.It shows that various policies, legislation and practice of the protection of minority rights which all the countries in the world currently insist on, are not simply generous or unconditional offer from the majority, but a kind of restorative justice. Third, to preserve the values of multiculturalism, there are three main starting points. The first starting point is to protect minorities (cultural) rights as a kind of retention of the lost or losing civilization.The second starting point is to protect minorities (cultural) rights as a cultural reference measure which is in relation to human social interests.The third point is to regard minorities (cultural) rights as a part of the whole human culture, emphasizing that the protection of minorities (cultural) rights is to protect the human culture itself. Forth, we should respect human rights values, that is, with the value of “to treat the other as to be treated ", the majority should start from the idea that equal human beings enjoy equal human dignity and rights,  to treat and deal with the issue of minority rights protection. This idea is comprehensive, perfect, self-consistent and comprehensive. Fifth, this value is the Marx doctrine that all ethnic political groups are equal. It based on opposition to ethnic oppression and exploitation, and on the basis of the political equality of all ethnic groups. It is mainly characterized by the idea of trying to find a fundamental solution to the historical legacy of ethnic inequality. 
Key Words: Minority Ethnic Groups; Rights; Values
Zhou Shaoqing, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.