Uygur Traditional Social Ethical Thoughts and Construction of Harmonious Ethnic Regions
September 28,2016   By:chinahumanrights.org
Maimaiti·Wusiman  (photo: Zhao Yifan)

Uygur Traditional Social Ethical Thoughts and Construction of Harmonious Ethnic Regions

Associate Professor of Xinjiang Agricultural University
Abstract:Xinjiang Uygur traditional social ethics are not only in the development and inheritance of Uygur culture, but also significant part of Uygur social life, which plays a very important role in Uygur social mentality, national sentiment, and enhancing harmonious stability of ethnic region. Uygur traditional social ethics comprise three major aspects: 1. Patriotism, and harmonious social value. Harmonious social value is embedded in some Uygur proverbs and modern philosophers’ works. Such as “Be a coolie in homeland is even better than being an emperor in a foreign country”, “A man out of homeland is like a bird away from the forest.”, “Unity, no secession”. Harmonious social value is based on the harmonious relationship among the four elements in Uygur traditional “Four Elements View”: water, earth, air, and fire, so they believe there are harmonious relationships within “nature”, among “man and nature”, “man and society”, “man and man”. 2. Equal, fair, and tolerate interpersonal relationship. “Equality” is the foundation and guarantee of harmonious interpersonal relationship. “Fairness” means no bias, and searching balance and neutralization among things when handling various social problems. “Tolerance” is the willingness to tolerate different thoughts, ideas and characteristics, other’s behavior, and respect people’s interests and hobbies. 3. Fraternal unity, aid of the poor, and loving neighbors. Fraternal unity could fix interpersonal relationship, and also is the form of its existence. Aid of the poor requires everyone to help others when he is capable, which can avoid the extreme wealth gap. Loving neighbors means people should be nice to their neighbors instead of being rude. The function of Uygur traditional ethics in construction of harmonious ethnic region could be elaborated from four perspectives: 1. Traditional ethnic thoughts are spiritual guide for harmonious development in harmonious ethnic regions. Difficult geographical condition, such as the Gobi, desert, and mountains do not impede Xinjiang’s development, in stead, the harmonious thoughts in Uygur social ethnics and Uygur’s diligence and courage have laid the foundation for Xinjiang’s development. 2. The “dual loyalty”: “royalism” and “emperor worship” has become a combination of loving country and loving religion in modern society. “Loyalty” has been united with socialist core values, to develop as modern citizen consciousness. 3. Traditional ethnic thoughts could be transferred into the basic principles to facilitate harmonious interpersonal relationship in ethnic region, and could utilize the communicative skills, such as equality, fairness and tolerance, and these virtues, such as fraternal unity, aid of the poor, and loving neighbors to adjust profit distribution among different nationalities. 4. The harmonious social view in the traditional social ethnics, virtue of fraternal unity, and tolerance help eliminate the historical and cultural bias on ethnic and religious area in Xinjiang. 
Key words: Uygur, Ethnic thoughts, Ethnic Region
Maimaiti·Wusiman, Uygur, Associate Professor, Xinjiang Agricultural University.