Theory and Practice on Protection of Minority Cultural Education and Cultural Rights in Yunnan
September 28,2016   By:chinahumanrights.org
Li Erping (photo: Zhao Yifan)

Theory and Practice on Protection of Minority Cultural Education and Cultural Rights in Yunnan
Li Erping

Professor of Kunming University of Science and Technology
Abstract:Yunnan province has established a protection system of minority cultural education and cultural rights under the guideline of “establishing ethnic cultural province” and in light of the particular geographic position and economic and historical background of Yunnan. The minority education and cultural construction system in Yunnan mainly contains the five aspects, which are: giving minority students favorable scoring in entrance examination;developing “bilingual” teaching vigorously; setting school-based courses concerning ethnic solidarity and ethnic culture education; constructing “ethnic solidarity model school”; and cultivating minority teachers vigorously. As a matter of fact, the school education of minority culture in Yunnan is the form of realizing minority cultural rights. However, the rights of cultural education in minority schools in Yunnan are not excised by appeals, and the demand of minorities in Yunnan for cultural education is not only for culture itself, but also for the economic and social development, which is, from the perspective of human rights, the right to achieve development. The minority cultural construction in Yunnan plays a role as “stimulating the economic development through cultural construction”. With regard to school education, the minority cultural education may be greatly motivated and transformed into the realization of economic development rights once there is a need for tour and sightseeing in the society and the protection and inheritance of culture may generate economic benefits in tourism and provide employment opportunities. Governments at all levels have inherited and developed ethnic culture through “stimulating the economic development through cultural construction” under the governmental ethnic policies, to promote the ethnic solidarity and harmony and stabilization of borderland. But from preliminary judging, the minority culture of Yunnan contains no concept of rights or cultural rights, and the protection of ethnic cultural rights is not proceeded under the discourse system of “right conflict-appeal-right protection”, but under the discourse of “Greater National Union”, “harmony and stabilization of borderland”, and “ethnic cultural province”. Therefore, it can be believed preliminarily that the discourse rights might have no effect in such progress, namely, the protection of ethnic cultural rights in Yunnan is a foreign discourse system, and it is hard to enroll the foreign concepts of rights into the existing discourse system.
Keywords: ethnic cultural rights, minorities in Yunnan, protection
Li Erping, Associate Professor, Kunming University of Science and Technology.