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China delivers humanitarian aid to quake-hit Ecuador
April 28,2016   By:Xinhua
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QUITO, April 28,2016-- The Chinese government delivered 60 million yuan (about 9.5 million U.S. dollars) worth of humanitarian aid materials to tens of thousands of victims in the deadly earthquake in Ecuador.
Four planeloads of aid arrived at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport of Quito, the capital of Ecuador, Wednesday. One more cargo plane will get to Ecuador Thursday afternoon.
The aid, which consists of 5,400 tents, 9,999 folding beds and other supplies, has been immediately sent to quake-ravaged Manta and will house the homeless for several months.
Ecuador's first vice president of the National Assembly Rossana Alvarado, Defense Minister Ricardo Patino, and Foreign Minister Guillaume Long welcomed the arrival of the Air China cargo planes at the airport.
Chinese Ambassador Wang Yulin said that his country was shocked by the tragedy in Ecuador. Through the delivery of humanitarian aid, China wishes to express its solidarity with the Ecuadorian government and people.
"China and Ecuador are two friendly countries and our two peoples are brothers. At this difficult time, China is with Ecuador and is more than willing to actively participate in the reconstruction of the affected areas," said the Chinese diplomat, hoping that under the leadership of President Rafael Correa, "the Ecuadorian people will overcome the temporary difficulties."
This aid is in addition to the donation of two million U.S. dollars delivered last week by the Chinese government, along with 100,000 U.S. dollars donated by the Red Cross of China.
Rossana Alvarado thanked the help of the Chinese government, noting that this will help house the victims in shelters while advancing the reconstruction of the affected areas.
"Help from your country is very important and timely to alleviate the human and infrastructural disaster left by the terrible earthquake," she said.
Foreign Minister Guillaume Long said China's assistance for post-disaster management would benefit thousands of victims.
"It is in this moment of difficulty that arise true friends. Ecuador thanks them. It's been years that our two countries have established this relationship of brotherhood," Long said while highlighting the progress of bilateral relations over the past nine years.
For his part, Defense Minister Ricardo Patino welcomed the aid given by China as it has a great significance for those affected by the disaster.
Patino said the arrival of Chinese tents and beds "will help us a lot," while noting that this contribution is the result of the "strong and deep" strategic partnership of the two countries.
The 7.8-magnitude quake, which struck the northern Pacific coast of Ecuador on April 16, has caused heavy losses of human lives and massive property damage in the South American country. According to Ecuadorian authorities, the death toll has risen to well over 650 and close to 7,000 buildings have been destroyed.