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Former aristocrat: Tibet heads into a new era
May 23,2016   By:chinahumanrights.org
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May 23,2016--77-year old Gesang Luobu who was born in an ancient Tibetan noble family, shared his feelings of Tibet since its peaceful liberation in 1951.
“I lived in a palace when I was young. I didn’t need to work and worry about food or clothes at all. However, I felt it was unfair to serfs. My brother tried to propose reform to abolish the slavery system yet it failed,” said Luobu.
In 1959, the armed rebellion broke out in Tibet and the Communist Party of China (CPC) led the serfs in suppressing the rebellion and implemented democratic reforms.
“Without the CPC, it was hard for Tibet to tear down the unfair system,” said Luobu.
Now Luobu lives in a house in Lhasa with his wife and daughter after his retirement.
“Tibet is heading into a new era. There are tremendous changes at suburbs of Lhasa. A lot of new houses have been built. Transportation and electricity are much more convenient,” Luobu said.
“When I was young, only children from noble families can go to schools. Now all children have the right to education,” Luobu added.
By: Qu Yungui Liu Qiang