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Autistic Children: Pictures of Dignity
June 20,2016   By:China Pictorial
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June 20,2016--On April 2, 2016, China embraced the Ninth World Autism Awareness Day, a movement encouraging global awareness about children afflicted with autism. In 1985, China identified and recognized its first group of autism sufferers. Previously, autism was usually grouped with other mental disorders. After the return of the first group of Chinese medical professionals who had studied abroad after the country's launch of reform and opening up in 1978, the Chinese mainland began to formulate its own diagnostic criteria for autism. 
According to the Report on Chinese Children with Autism, China's first specialized report on the disorder, released in late 2014, autism cases have multiplied exponentially in China since the late 20th Century. The latest estimates tally autism diagnoses in China at more than 10 million, of which 2 million were children under 14 years old. And the condition occurs four to five times more often in boys than girls.