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Full text: National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2016-2020)
September 29,2016   By:Xinhua
The basic principles for formulating and implementing the Action Plan are as follows:
Pushing forward the work in accordance with the law and bringing China's human rights work under the rule of law; pushing forward the work in a coordinated way, and promoting the comprehensive and coordinated development of the people's various rights and interests; pushing forward the work in a pragmatic way, and integrating universal principles on human rights with China's realities; pushing forward the work in a balanced way and making sure that all people enjoy equal human rights; pushing forward the work with joint efforts, with the government, enterprises, public institutions and social organizations working together to promote human rights.
In accordance with the new requirement of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, the objectives of the implementation of the Action Plan are as follows:
-- Comprehensively safeguarding citizens' economic, social and cultural rights. The Chinese government will improve the people's standard of living and quality of life; upgrade the public service system and ensure more people have equal access to such services; spare no effort in poverty alleviation to lift the entire population who live under the current poverty line out of poverty; protect intellectual property rights; improve the overall ecological environment; make efforts to give people equal opportunities in development, ensure that all people share the benefits of the nation's development more equally, and increase the people's sense of satisfaction in creating and sharing benefits.
-- Protecting citizens' civil and political rights in accordance with the law. China will enforce the law in a strict, procedure-based manner, and protect citizens' personal rights and dignity; promote judicial justice and guarantee litigants' right to a fair trial; improve socialist democracy, clear and expand channels for citizens' participation in political affairs, and ensure people's rights to be informed, to participate, to be heard and to oversee.
-- Fully safeguarding the rights and interests of specific groups. The Chinese government will promote the development of ethnic minorities and regions inhabited by ethnic minorities; endeavor to eliminate gender discrimination; strengthen the protection of rights and interests of minors; respond actively to the aging of the population; improve the service system to support and help people with disabilities.
-- Conducting extensive education in human rights. China will combine human rights education with national education and nationwide education in spreading knowledge of the law; publicize the importance of human rights as represented in the core socialist values, and foster a culture featuring respect for human rights.
-- Actively participating in international human rights work. China will fulfill its obligations to international human rights conventions, get actively involved in the work of the United Nations human rights mechanism; conduct extensive human rights dialogues, exchanges and cooperation, and provide technical aid related to human rights to those developing countries that need it.
Compiled under the leadership of the State Council Information Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and reviewed and approved by the joint meeting for the National Human Rights Action Plan, the National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2016-2020) is hereby released by the State Council Information Office.
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