China issues annual blue book on human rights
October 11,2016   By:chinahumanrights.org

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Oct.11,2016--The annual report on China’s human rights development (2016), also known as blue book of human rights, has been issued recently by China Society for Human Rights Studies (CSHRS).
The book of 300 thousand words includes one overall report, 17 features, 2 survey reports and cases research papers and 2 appendixes. 
The book gives an introduction of the new progress of China’s human rights cause in 2015, thoughts on right of peace on the occasion of commemorating the 70th anniversary of anti-fascist war, and China’s contributions to protecting the right to environment in fighting global climate change. It also analyzes how five development concepts enrich the right to development. 
The 17 features analyze China’s policies and measures in protecting rights of the poor, rights of the doctors and nurses, rights of rural teachers, rights to environment, suing rights, legal assistance rights, religious freedom and so on. 
The features also shed some light on China’s human rights protection in UN peacekeeping actions, fighting against sex discrimination, assistance for elderly people and the juvenile.
Human rights legislation and international human rights communication are also introduced in the book. 
By: Qu Yungui Liu Qiang

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