Beijing eliminates urban-rural subsistence allowances gap
January 05,2016   By:chinahumanrights.org
Jan.5,2016--A total of 50, 000 rural low-income residents in Beijing received the same allowances with urban recipients thanks to the integration of urban and rural subsistence allowance standards.
In recent years, Beijing has been reducing the subsidy gap between rural and urban recipients. From 2011 to 2015, the subsidy standard for each urban resident has risen from 480 yuan to 710 yuan per month and from 300 yuan to 710 yuan for rural residents. 
Beijing’s economic development and rural and urban conditions have been taken into consideration when making this integration. “There is not much difference in living costs between rural and urban low-income residents.” said Lv Haiyan, Director of the Social Allowance Office of Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau.
Besides, Beijing takes the lead nationwide by implementing the subsistence allowance standard system in accordance with the consumer price, which will better benefit low-income groups.
A series of calculation and adjustment methods have been stipulated, factoring in the cost of basic food, transportation and other necessities.
“It is easy for civil affairs departments to calculate necessary living costs of low-income families based on basic food expenditures and the Engel's Coefficient”, said Lv.

By: Qu Yungui Liu Qiang
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