More measures to benefit disabled people in Beijing
January 08,2016   By:chinahumanrights.org
Jan.8,2016--Beijing municipality will take a series of new measures to protect disabled people, according to a newly approved guideline. 
It is stipulated that all the government organizations should recruit at least one disabled person by 2020. A rehabilitation case management database for disabled children aged between zero and six will be built. 
Free riding for disabled people will be implemented and special cars for the disabled will enjoy free parking.
The guideline also proposed to help them get jobs and increase income. Companies that employed more disabled people will get a bigger share in government procurement.
The guideline also stressed the need of skill training for the disabled. Efforts will be made to help disabled farmers to master at least one planting or breeding skill.
Besides, Beijing will raise subsidies for the disabled.

By: Qu Yungui Liu Qiang
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