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130 dead, 110 missing in Hebei due to torrential rain and floods
July 25,2016   By:CCTV.com
July 25,2016--Flooding continues to affect some parts of northern China. In Hebei province, near the capital Beijing, heavy rain has left 130 people dead and 110 people missing. 
More than three days since the rain stopped, floods are still raging through the North China Plain. Roads remain blocked, factories are flooded, and homes have been destroyed. Vast stretches of cropland have been wiped out, along with this year’s income for many farmers.
Han Yelong shows us how high the water was when the flood from a nearby river hit his village. Daxian village in Xingtai City suffered heavy losses on Tuesday.
“I was asleep inside. When I heard the warning, the water was in my doorstep. It was over a meter deep,” Han said.
Han, his wife, and two children survived by clinging to the window all night. But his father, who lived next door, was swept away.
This is where the river started going out of control. The river suddenly narrows here. People living nearby had not seen floods for nearly 10 years. No one foresaw such a serious problem. When the water level started to rise in the middle of night and spilled over the bank, most people were still asleep.
People are dredging the river in case more rain should come. The village still has no power or clean water.
A temporary shelter has been set up inside a school. Many have been living here for several days. Doctors and volunteers provide support.
“My home is still flooded, we have to live here. There's milk and bread for the children. Meals are good, too,” local resident Gao Ruiju said.
According to local weather bureau, another round of heavy rain is expected in the coming days. The flooding is not over, and more challenges are still ahead.