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Ministry: Schools should integrate social activities
October 31,2017   By:China Daily
October 31, 2017 -- Students at a primary school in Handan, Hebei province, exchange views on their paintings made of leaves on Monday ahead of World Thrift Day, which falls on Oct 31.[Photo/China Daily]
Guidelines lay out average time to be spent broadening children's knowledge
October 31, 2017 -- Social activities will be further integrated into China's education system, under guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education.
The ministry released the guidelines on Monday, asking primary, middle and high schools nationwide to design social activities in a better way and make the activities part of the school curricula.
Under the guidelines, social activities should be interdisciplinary and closely connected with students' lives and personal development. Students should be allowed to do research on their own and gain firsthand knowledge and experience.
The ministry said the curriculum could be carried out in diverse forms, citing an example of a student engaged in both designing and making things - such as with animation, programming or pottery.
It also suggested vocational experience as a learning track, suggesting that by observing or working at different jobs, students would come to know their strengths and specific interests and therefore could better set their own goals and make plans for future careers.
Schools were encouraged to design their own programs but should follow some basic rules. For example, the curriculum should aim at nurturing students' abilities in analyzing and solving problems, raising awareness of social responsibility and fostering a spirit of innovation so that students could better adapt to life and meet challenges.
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