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Western media applaud China’s sharing economy
May 25,2017   By:chinahumanrights.org
May 25,2017--Resource-sharing startups have sprung up in China as the sharing economy booms, according to western media.
To western media’s surprise, besides bikes and cars, even basketballs, mobile power banks, and umbrellas are sharable in China. Data shows that the market of China’s sharing economy reached 3.945 trillion yuan in 2016.
“Sharing economy is an ideal way to reduce resources waste, and it will contribute to environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction,” said Shen Weiwei, founder of the umbrella-sharing startup Molisan.
The sharing economy tries to achieve resources redistribution by cutting costs and increasing efficiency. However, Beijing and Shanghai have to limit the number of bikes due to the explosion of bike sharing, said professor Wei Tian at Fudan University in Shanghai.
Chinese investors have pumped at least US$160 million (about 1.1 billion yuan) into 11 battery bank sharing startups since April, according to the South China Morning Post.
By:Ma Yangyang
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