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Beijing spends 2.3 bln USD in cleaning waterways
March 06,2017   By:Xinhua
BEIJING, March 6, 2017 -- Beijing's Tongzhou district, the capital city's subcenter under construction, plans to spend 16 billion yuan (2.3 billion U.S. dollars) treating polluted waterways.
The investment will cover landscaping, pipelines, treatment of polluted creeks and wetlands, according to Tongzhou Water Authority on Friday.
About 90 percent of the funds will be raised through the public private partnership model and the rest directly comes from the government.
To address overcrowding and congestion, Beijing is building the subcenter in Tongzhou where the municipal government will move. Beijing has a population of nearly 22 million.
"The city subcenter faces big tasks in treatment of sewage, small and medium riverways," said Jin Shudong, head of the Beijing Water Authority.
Tongzhou will address the pollution of 16 rivers upstream which flow into the district and step up efforts to improve the overall water environment, he said.
This year, Tongzhou will start construction of 80 sewage treatment plants or stations and complete cleaning 53 polluted waterway stretches.
By 2020, more than 95 percent of sewage in Tongzhou will undergo treatment.
Meanwhile, Tongzhou will cover 3,466 hectares of land with grass or trees this year. In the future, the subcenter will build more than 30 parks to realize there are green belts or parks within a radius of 500 meters.
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