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China delivers promise on reforms
August 14,2017   By:Xinhua
In 2016, the central leading group has reviewed and approved 46 key documents, and rolled out 419 reform plans in various realms.
While such a top-down mechanism offered a holistic approach in reform planning, local inspections and constant reviews have helped with the implementation.
The central government has exercised "zero tolerance" toward environmental violations, punishing thousands of officials in nationwide inspections.
During the last round of inspections into seven provincial areas, China held over 4,660 officials accountable for poor environmental protection work.
Such inspections will help overcome obstacles encountered in the enforcement of reforms, such as misconduct or dereliction of duty by local officials, said Wang Yukai, a professor with the Chinese Academy of Governance.
While tougher measures were taken to encourage good practices, the central government is also "looking back" on reform plans already rolled out and making proper adjustments according to reform progress.
For example, pilot projects that had proved inefficient have been canceled or merged, with only 1,596 projects left from the previous 3,169.
"Reform is a dynamic process which requires quick response to new conditions," said Qiu Haiping, a professor at the School of Economics at Renmin University.
"By regularly 'looking back,' China can keep its reform on the right track," Qiu said.
Experts have regarded 2017 as a key year for the country to move a step further on reforms. China has set a goal to restructure all central SOEs into limited corporations by the end of the year and complete environmental inspections of 31 provincial areas.
According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, some of the eight inspection teams have already started month-long on-site investigations covering the last eight provincial-level areas, including Jilin, Zhejiang and Shandong provinces.
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