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China joins action on desertification
September 18,2017   By:China Daily
"It shows China's wisdom of absorbing international experience in prevention and control in order to promote sustainable development," Zhang said. "We will devote ourselves to desertification prevention and control, and make contributions to desertification prevention and control in countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative."
In the past five years, 29.8 million hectares of desert in the country have turned green, and a total of 11.6 billion trees have been planted, according to the administration.
"The mechanism will promote fair and impartial development of UN member states. Through introducing green development concepts and technologies, it will deepen exchanges in the economy and other fields among countries involved in the Belt and Road," said Monique Barbut, UNCCD's executive secretary.
A total of 112 countries have joined the campaign to make the UN's Sustainable Development Goal of achieving land degradation neutrality by 2030 a national target for action, including Brazil, China, India, Nigeria and Russia.
The Ordos Declaration was also announced on Friday night, which included three new proposals related to drought, participation of women and youth, as well as desertification and migration.
"Those three topics were proposed for the first time in the UNCCD. Moreover, in the declaration, the Chinese mode of fighting against desertification through introducing a green economy for sustainable development and stimulating local people's enthusiasm to join in the campaign are widely recognized by the world," said Jia Xiaoxia, deputy director of the Desertification Control Bureau.
The Land Degradation Neutrality Fund was also launched during the conference, with an initial target size of $300 million. The fund is a first-of-its-kind investment, leveraging public money to raise private capital for sustainable land management and landscape restoration activities worldwide.
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