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Ministry: Pollution fight is not pushing prices up
September 28,2017   By:China Daily

Blaming environmental measures for increases 'only rattles market'

Sept. 28, 2017 -- The Ministry of Environmental Protection has dismissed claims that China's tough measures to rein in pollution, including environmental inspections and factory closures, have dampened industrial production and pushed up prices of industrial products.

Scheaffler, a German company that makes bearings and precision components for the auto industry, estimated last week that the closure of its Shanghai supplier for pollution violations had cost the industry about 300 billion yuan ($45 billion).

Some have claimed the company's statement shows that the nation's strict pollution controls were harming economic growth.

That allegation was dismissed on Wednesday by Cui Shuhong, director of environmental impact assessments for the ministry, who insisted that supply and demand are still the main factors that dictate market prices.

Any statement that directly blames rising product prices on environmental protection measures "only rattles the market", he said, adding that economic data from several cities prove that claims of a slowdown based on Scheaffler's financial estimates are groundless.

In the first eight months, the added value of companies with annual revenue over 20 million yuan increased 6.7 percent year-on-year, while the national unemployment rate in the second quarter hit its lowest level since 2008. Both figures indicate steady growth, Cui said.

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