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China leads in G20 low carbon governance: report
November 07,2017   By:People's Daily Online
Nov.7,2017--China ranks fourth on the latest G20 low carbon governance list because of its advanced policies and actions, while the US drops to 17th after pulling out of the Paris Agreement.
The results were included in the 2017 Green Book on Climate Change, published by Social Sciences Academic Press and a joint laboratory of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and National Meteorological Administration on Monday in Beijing.
The report rated all G20 members on low carbon governance based on nine indexes, including implementation of the Paris Agreement and carbon trading market construction.
China ranks fourth among the first echelon led by the UK and the EU. The second echelon includes Canada, Japan, and South Korea, while the US fell into the third echelon together with Russia, Turkey, Australia, and Saudi Arabia, according to the report.
Specifically, China topped all other members in terms of total investment in renewable energy. The report also gave high credits to China for its efforts to cut emissions. Meanwhile, America’s decision to leave the Paris Agreement greatly damaged its rating, in spite of its continuous efforts to cut per capita emissions.
Since 2010, China has reduced carbon dioxide by 19.28 million tonnes and cut coal usage to 2.74 million tonnes in the transport industry with central fiscal support.
On renewable energy, China’s solar energy has generated 110 million kilowatts of electricity as of this August, which was 16.8 times greater in 2012.
The country has also become the world’s largest, fastest-growing wind power market. In China, wind power installations account for 34.7 percent of the world’s total. In 2016 alone, China took up 42.7 percent of the world’s total new wind power installations. By 2020, electricity generated by wind power plants is expected to top 210 million kilowatts, including 5 million kilowatts from power stations at sea. 
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