Afghanistan hopes to learn from China in poverty alleviation: Afghan ambassador
March 14,2017   By:Xinhua
Apart from cooperation in poverty alleviation, the ambassador also put emphasis on more bilateral cooperation brought by the Belt and Road Initiative.
Afghanistan welcomes and supports the Belt and Road Initiative as it is a “transformative idea” in broadening cooperation in many areas, such as economy, infrastructure, people-to-people exchanges and security, he said.
Afghanistan sits on a significant location within the Belt and Road Initiative, the ambassador said.
The significant location, he hoped, will “serve as a land bridge and connectivity hub in the ‘Heart of Asia’ region”.
The ambassador spoke highly of the achievements made between Afghanistan and China in implementing the Belt and Road Initiative in 2016.
He highlighted the launch of the cargo service train linking east China’s Jiangsu Province and northern Afghanistan’s Hairatan port last year.
The train connection will allow for increase in trade between the two countries and facilitate the transportation of Afghan products to China, which is a huge market, the ambassador said.
He also pinned high hope for significant achievements to be made between the two countries this year.
The ambassador said he expected to see a comprehensive discussion between the two countries during the Belt and Road forum for international cooperation to be held this May.
The forum will inject more energy and impetus into the implementation of projects between China and Afghanistan, he believed.
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