Americans get a glimpse of west China in San Francisco
November 21,2017   By:chinahumanrights.org


Nov. 21, 2017 -- An American woman called Kara visits the photo exhibition on west China in San Francisco. She said west China will be her next travel destination. (Photo/Tang Xianying)

Nov. 21, 2017 -- The cultural event Experience China 2017 -- A Glimpse of West China kicked off in San Francisco, California on Thursday.

A variety of activities including singing and dancing performed by artists from west China, movie show and photo exhibition on west China gave the American audience an opportunity to know and even fall in love with China.

It was difficult to make local Americans including my husband fully understand Chinese dancing and culture in the past, said He Xiaopei, chairman of the Chinese Dance Association in the U.S.. But this event was a good opportunity.

Fangli Bangqin, consultant for the Chinese Overseas Communication Association, said our American friends get to know the broadness of Chinese culture thanks to this cultural event. There is not only eastern culture represented by Beijing and Shanghai but also culture of West China.

Documentary Born in China featuring nature and animals in west China were screened Friday in San Francisco. It tells a story about how giant pandas, snow leopards, golden monkeys and antelopes grow up and live. Robin, an American viewer, said she was deeply impressed by the documentary.

The series of cultural events received warm welcome in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, which shows more and more Americans are interested in Chinese culture today.

The world needs to know more about China through cultural exchanges rather than its economic power, said Fangli Bangqin.

By: Jia Puyu

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