Cultural exchanges
December 29,2017   By:China Daily
He has since often traveled to the country and nurtured partnerships with an array of cultural organizations and artists in China. By helping Chinese art companies tour the US, Arts Midwest's cultural exchange programs with China have reached audiences and artists in more than 50 communities in the US, with total audience numbers hitting more than 1 million so far, Fraher says.
"We not only work with big companies and famous Chinese artists but also are interested in working with smaller art companies and young artists," he says.
Dec. 29, 2017 -- The performing arts fair in Guangzhou features a variety of performances, including dance, opera and folk music. [Photo provided to China Daily]
Art Midwest has brought an array of Chinese performing artists to the US, including Anda Union, a band from the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, and Beauty and Melody, a traditional Chinese music ensemble from Sichuan province. In March, it will organize a China tour of US rapper Dessa.
"Our goal is to ensure that, by removing as many practical barriers as possible, we will create a fertile ground for powerful cultural sharing and exchange between the touring artists and the communities they reach," Fraher says.
When the Silk Road International League of Theaters was launched at the Tianqiao Performing Arts Center in Beijing in October 2016, Arts Midwest was among the first batch of members to join. The first batch of members consists of two international organizations and 56 theaters from 33 countries and regions.
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