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Institute for Human Rights (IHR) - China University of Political Science and Law
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Year Established: 2002
Historical Background
The Institute for Human Rights (IHR) was established by China University of Political Science and law (CUPL) in June 2002 as an independent full-time academic institute of its kind in China Mainland, and was formerly named as the Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian law (IHRHL). In April 2011, it was named as one of the first National Bases for Human Rights Education and Training jointly by the State Council Information Office and the Ministry of Education. In order to promote a more comprehensive educational and scientific approach, the Institute changed its name to the Institute for Human Rights. 
At present, there are 11 full-time academic staffs (including one international expert) and 2 academic editors and 2 administrative staff members. There are 28 part-time professors and 5 associate professors from other institutions within and outside CUPL. The President of CUPL is the Director of the IHR by the establishing Charter. The Current Director of the IHR is Prof. Jin HUANG and his Co-Director is Prof. Wei ZHANG.


IHR aims
1. To carry out research on human rights law theories and practice;
2. To promote human rights education at CUPL and other Chinese universities;
3. To carry out human rights trainings for teachers, legal professionals and public servants;
4. To disseminate human rights knowledge to the public;
5. To arouse and enhance human rights consciousness among the public;
6. To provide recommendations and consultations to government agencies and social groups on matters related to human rights;
7. To undertake academic exchanges and cooperation with domestic, foreign, regional and international institutions and relevant individuals in the field of human rights research and education
8. To improve human rights systems and situation in China.
Programs and Activities
•  Research
IHR’s research work focuses mainly on theories of human rights, international human rights law, domestic mechanisms for human rights protection, human rights in criminal justice, human rights and constitutionalism and national human rights institutions. It has implemented and is implementing many national and international research programs including, among others, The Core Textbook on Human Rights (2001-2004, funded by British Council Beijing), National Human Rights Institutions (2005 onwards, in cooperation with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian law, Lund University, Sweden), The System Origins of Human Rights (2006 onwards), The Remedies and Individual Rights under the International Human Rights law (2007 onwards), Human Rights and International Affairs (2010 onwards), The Socialist legal System with Chinese Characteristics and the Protection of Fundamental Rights (2011 onwards), China’s Practice in Ratification and Implementation of International Human Rights Conventions (2012 onwards), and Human Rights law Teaching at Chinese Universities (2012 onwards), etc.
• Teaching
IHR opened the first Human Rights law Master and Ph.D. programs in mainland China in 2005 and 2007. In addition, the IHR also offers a yearly Human Rights Summer Academy for students across the global from 2009.
• Training Programs
IHR has implemented many training programs for university teachers and legal professionals including, among others, the Second Advanced Workshop on International Human Rights law for University Teachers (2002, with RWI and Norwegian Centre for Human Rights [NCHR]), the Human Rights law Training Program for University Teachers (2003, funded by the European Union Commission),the Fourth Advanced Workshop on International Human Rights law for Chinese University Teachers (2004, with Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR), RWI and NCHR), the First and Second Human Rights Training Courses (2007-2008, funded by Carter Center), Advanced Training Programs for Judges on National Human Rights Institutions (from 2009-2011, Funded by the RWI), the First and Second Workshops on Justice and Human Rights (2011, funded by RWI) and the Workshop on Teaching Human Rights law at Chinese Universities (2012, funded by NCHR), Human Rights Academic Writing Training Program (from 2014, co-funded by the Brill and U.S. Embassy to China), 4th to 7th Advanced International Humanitarian Law Summer Session for Lecturers (2014-2017, co-organized and funded by the East Asia Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross), the 19th Human Rights Training Program (2017, funded by State Council Information Office)
• Social Services
IHR has participated in the drafting of the National Human Rights Action Plan 2009-2010 and the Regulations on the Prevention of Disability and the Rehabilitation of the Persons with Disability. It has also undertaken a series of programs on promoting human rights teaching at Chinese Universities and arousing the public consciousness in human rights.
• International Exchange and Cooperation
IHR has established close relationship with many foreign, regional and international institutions and experts specialized in human rights law education and research, and has jointly implemented many programs in the field of human rights law teaching, training, research, curriculum development and institutional capacity-building.
IHR has been publishing a number of books on human rights such as the following:
•  Textbook on International Human Rights law, two volumes (2002)
•  Textbook on International Human Rights law (2004)
• Principles of Human Rights (2008)
•  The Implementation of Article 4: In the legislative Perspective
– Shadow Report to the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (2009)
•  National Human Rights Institutions (2010)
•  The Justiciability of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights— Standards and Practice (2010)
• Human Rights Directory: Manual on International Human Rights Mechanisms and Standards and China’s Practice (2011)
•  Reader on Women’s Human Rights (2012)
From 2015, IHR started working with the Brill to publish a book series on the Chinese Perspectives of Human Rights and Good Governance. From 2017, IHR edits an English journal on Human Rights, which is registered under the name of the China Society for Human Rights Studies.
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