American scholar’s 5 reasons for moving to China
February 24,2017   By:chinahumanrights.org
Feb. 24, 2017 -- Huffington Post published an article Tuesday which tells a story of an African American migrating to China. In the article, Alexander Barron lists his five reasons for making the shift to China including education, cost of living, networking, travelling and pursuit of dreams. 
Chinese language is a great and amazing language that he wants to master very much. There are over 1 billion people speaking Chinese all over the world. Anywhere in the world, as long as there are Chinese overseas, you can communicate in Chinese. To learn Chinese culture and to know China will also make China-US dialogue more sincerely, the scholar said. 
He values Chinese-style social communication very much. Although for many people, their relations with China are mainly about business, but Chinese people do not merely focus on making money but also making friends. 
Because of the low living expenses, he chooses Harbin to live instead of Beijing or Shanghai. In fact, the cost of living in Beijing and Shanghai is still lower than many other big cities in the world. 
China is a huge diversified country with over 5,000 years of history and altogether 56 nationalities. Living in China will not only enables one to enjoy its beautiful scenery but also experience cultural diversities. 
Anyone can be a friendship ambassador for bilateral relations. He wants to serve as a bridge for better exchanges between peoples from the two countries.

By: Jia Puyu Liu Qiang
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