Trump’s immigration policy may boost China's global talent pool: experts
February 24,2017   By:People's Daily Online

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Feb, 24, 2017 -- America’s tougher immigration stance under the Trump administration could benefit China, as the latter may be in a position to attract more global talent, experts have hypothesized.
Under Trump’s leadership, the U.S. government has indicated its intention to continue tightening control over immigration for the foreseeable future. This controversial position has not only upset the international community, it has also created a chance for China to successfully recruit more foreign experts from around the world, which is especially important given China's focus on innovation and aging population, suggested experts at a seminar held by the Center for China & Globalization (CCG) on Feb. 22.
“Trump’s Muslim ban has confirmed his attitude [toward immigrants], which has been received with great angst by the international community. The policy has caused a disturbance among immigrants in U.S., but it will be a good opportunity for China,” said Wang Huiyao, president of CCG.
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