The Concept of Multiple Human Rights from the Perspective of Community of Common Destiny
March 14,2017   By:CSHRS
The Concept of Multiple Human Rights from the Perspective of Community of Common Destiny
-- ZHU Ying delivers a speech on the 34th session of the Human Rights Council


ZHU Ying, Deputy Director of Center for Human Rights Education and Research, Southwest University of Political Science and Law
"China will always be a contributor to global development, adhere to the common development path and continue to pursue a mutually beneficial and win-win strategy to share their experiences and opportunities with the rest of the world and welcome countries," he said in a speech at the United Nations in September 2015. Take the development of China 'ride', together to achieve common development. "We must strive for equitable development, so that the development opportunities are more equal, all countries should become the global development of the participants, contributors, beneficiaries.
There can not be a national development, other countries do not develop, part of the national development, the other part of the country does not develop. There are differences in the capacity and level of each country, under the same goal, should bear the common but differentiated responsibilities. To improve the global economic governance, improve the representation and voice of developing countries, give countries equal participation in the right to formulate rules. "China will always be the builder of peace in the world and firmly follow the path of peaceful development. No matter how the international situation changes, no matter how China develops, China will never dominate, never expand, and never seek the sphere of influence." 
Four key words: Equality (development), Cooperation (win-win), Security (co-governance), Tolerance (mutual Kam), which is "fate community" four fulcrum.
"Building a human fate community" China has big moves. "Three unwavering" embodies China's responsibility and play - adhere to the peaceful development, determination will not be shaken; adhere to common development, the idea will not waver; adhere to the Asia-Pacific cooperation and development, policy will not waver.
To create a human fate community "five one" of the total layout and the total path, including the establishment of equal treatment, mutual understanding and mutual understanding of the partnership, to create a fair justice, build a shared security pattern, seeking open innovation, inclusive development prospects , Promote and different, eclectic exchange of civilization, build respect for nature, green development of the ecological system.
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