The Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in the Discourse of Building a Community of Shared Future for Mankind
March 14,2017   By:CSHRS
The Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in the Discourse of Building a Community of Shared Future for Mankind
-- ZHOU Li delivers a speech on the 34th session of the Human Rights Council


ZHOU Li, Director of Management Department of Center for Human Rights Education and Research, Southwest University of Political Science and Law
(Lecturer and Head of Scientific Department of Human Rights Institute at Southwest University of Political Science and Law)
When we confronting the international situation, such as the global political situation of one superpower and several powerful countries, the lacking in strength of global financial development, the deepening of digital divide, and the simultaneously rising of confrontation and exchange between the values and the development paths, and the security threats spread from traditional field to non-traditional field, which shows transnational, easily transitional, uncertain of subjects and unexpected. There are several points worth to note:
A. In general, the essence of these phenomenon is that there is fracture or imbalance in countries’ mutual correlations based on diversity.
B. The primary cause of these problems is that nations are weak in capacities for keeping internal independence and dealing with external newly appearing risks.
C. There is or will be inevitably a global solidarity relationship among nations.
For this, It is necessary to emphasize two fundamental standpoints:
Diversity is an access to maintain stability. This principle not only applys for the nature, but also for the human society. In the A/HRC/34/39 document of this conference, there is a statement that human rights depend on species diversity. The stability with diversity could form a dynamic stability, and the stability without diversity or only with simplicity is a kind of static stability, this is rigid stability which is very easy to collapse.
We need to admit and respect diversity, and to strengthen connectivity and integrity in it. Diversity itself is a kind of natural equilibrium state, and it is neutral, whatever good or bad. But we often find that the strong ones or the hegemonic ones always try to impose their own values and evaluation criteria to the subjects outside of them, to deliberately create evaluation of weak or to pass on risks, and then to erase diversity by means of pushing out or knocking out. 
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