Rights to Peace-and-development, a Demand from the Common Destiny Community
March 14,2017   By:CSHRS
Rights to Peace-and-development, a Demand from the Common Destiny Community

-- ZHANG Yonghe delivers a speech on the 34th session of the Human Rights Council


ZHANG Yonghe, Standing director of China Society for human rights studies; Executive Director of Center for Human Rights Education and Research, Southwest University of Political Science and Law

In current times, all mankind has already formed  a Common Destiny Community, in which every country and people are closely connected to each other, and the prosperity and decline of a nation closely relate to all other nations. In this world, the claims to rights are not only represented in the form of individual and specific rights, but also the rights in entirety. In coping with the global challenges toward the common destiny of all mankind, the right to peace-and-development is definitely our common pursuit, because within this Community, no member does not aspire to peace, and no member shall be deprived of the room and opportunity of development.
However, firstly we shall clarify the differentiation between development and right to development. In the past, these two notions are always mixed together. Development is the dynamic and positive process of a thing or phenomena, while the right to development is a desirable right in people's mind or already attained in people's hand.
The right to peace and the right to development are two independent and different notions. The former refers to a free state people live in, free from any external adverse effects; while the latter refers to the opportunity attained by people to development themselves in all aspects. These two notions sometimes are interdependent, sometimes conflicting with each other. Under certain circumstances, the right to development has to be abandoned for the sake of the right to peace; while the right to peace has to be disregarded for the purpose of realizing the right to development.
The rights to peace-and-development are the organic combination of the two rights, instead of simply putting the two together, which creates a new right mode in which development closely depends upon peace and peace needs support from development. From the English translation, we can see that it is a new term used in human rights field, which indicates that the right to peace and the right to development are intertwined together. If there is no "-" between "peace" and "development" in the English translation, i.e. "the right to peach and development", it can be still understood as two individual rights: the right to peace and the right to development.
1. Background of Proposing the Right to Peace-and-Development
To realize the right to development is a tough work for all humanity. We can see a bunch of obstacles lies in front of us, such as regional turbulence caused by unfair international political and economic order, big powers compete for resources and launch arms race in outer space, domestic and international spread of terrorism, and expansion of domestic social conflict caused by a growing gap between rich and poor. Peace is a common pursuit for every individual, every country and all mankind. Also, personal growth and human rights protection require peace as a bottom line. 
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