Chinese envoy calls for enhanced efforts to combat human trafficking
March 16,2017   By:Xinhua
UNITED NATIONS, March 16, 2017 -- The international community must step up efforts to combat human trafficking and slavery in regions of conflict, said a Chinese envoy here on Wednesday.
Liu Jieyi, China's permanent representative to the UN, made the appeal at a Security Council debate on human trafficking.
Liu said international community should support countries concerned in combating such criminal activities by providing them with targeted assistance in law enforcement, border control and financial regulation.
"On the other hand, we need to enhance international cooperation with the focus on law enforcement and leverage the role of regional and sub-regional organizations, pool all resources available to investigate, disrupt and dismantle trafficking networks," he said.
Liu also said the international community should uphold unified counter-terrorism standard and take coordinated and concerted action to fight against crimes of human trafficking and enslavement.
"We need to take an integrated approach with political and economic means to stem the financial flow to terrorist organizations from human trafficking and enslavement so as to dismantle their criminal networks," he added.
In addition, Liu called for political settlement to regional conflict to eradicate the breeding ground to human trafficking and other criminal activities.
He said the international community should work harder on political solutions to hot-spot issues, advance their political process in line with principles in UN Charter, and settle disputes through dialogue and consultations.
Human trafficking thrives in regions where conflict prevails and the rule of law is weak. Extremist groups have been capturing and trading enslaved women and children to obtain funding for their terrorist activities.
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