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U.S. experts warn of health risks in quitting Paris climate accord
June 12,2017   By:Xinhua
CHICAGO, June 12, 2017 -- American experts have warned that U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate accord will pose a big threat to public health.
"I find it unconscionable that the world's number one historic greenhouse gas emitter is withdrawing from the Paris climate accord," said Jonathan Patz, director of the Global Health Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
"Make no mistake, climate change is a huge threat to public health," local channel Wisc-TV on Friday quoted him as saying.
Respiratory problems caused by air pollution and diseases spread by insects are among the threats to public health, Patz said.
He explained that with an increase in temperature, the mosquito-borne disease like malaria will creep up in altitude.
Moreover, ticks that carry ehrlichiosis in the Midwest will be moving northward, thus spread the disease, Patz added.
"So the shift from dirty energy to clean energy, low carbon energy has an immediate health benefit," he pointed out.
Earlier this month, American Lung Association President Harold P. Wimmer said that climate change was already harming the health of people in the United States and worldwide through degraded air quality, heat waves, droughts, extreme storms and disease outbreaks.
"Unchecked climate change is a global health crisis that threatens to reverse decades of health gains worldwide, with serious consequences for our children and generations to come," he warned in response to President Trump's announcement to withdraw from the landmark Paris climate accord.
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