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Haughty stance won't solve rights problems
June 28,2017   By:China Daily


June 28, 2017 -- Children of She ethnic group sit in front of a monument that reads "China's No. 1 Poverty Relief Village" at Chixi Village, Panxi town, Fuding city in East China's Fujian province, Feb 14, 2016. The village has shaken off poverty thanks to assistance from Party and government officials at all levels over the past 30 years. (Photo/Xinhua)

June 28, 2017 -- Human rights remain one of top global concerns in the era of globalization. But given the different views of different countries on human rights protection, how can we effectively promote human rights worldwide?

The answer should be adherence to dialogue, exchanges, cooperation and coordination, because neither criticism nor confrontation is conducive to promoting global governance on any issue.

Global exchanges have created common interests, as well as common risks. Since the Earth's resources are limited, the misconduct of one country could compromise the interests of the others, even push humankind as a whole toward destruction. So to seek common interests, tackle common risks and solve common problems, all members of the international community should work together in a constructive manner and avoid creating problems or intensifying contradictions by trying to undermine each other.

If the world makes efforts to resolve international issues through consultation, all involved parties would benefit. But if it adopts a divisive or confrontational approach, all parties would suffer. In particular, this principle applies to military security, trade, natural resources, the environment and human rights protection.

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