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China calls on int'l community to improve global human rights governance
March 21,2017   By:Xinhua
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GENEVA, March 21, 2017 -- Ma Zhaoxu, head of the Chinese mission to the United Nations in Geneva, Monday called upon international community to improve global human rights governance.
"In a globalized world, countries are increasingly interconnected in their interests with a shared destiny. However, global challenges pose threats to the well-being of people of all countries," he addressed at a general debate in the 34th Session of the Human Rights Council, on behalf of a cross-regional group of 36 developing countries.
He highlighted it is high time to develop and improve global human rights governance, promote healthy and sustainable development of international human rights cause, and pool in our efforts to build a community of shared future for human beings.
With this objective, the Chinese diplomat proposed that the international community should stay committed to sovereign equality, multilateralism, mutually beneficial cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, as well as peace and development.
"We should develop and improve UN human rights institutions, ensure the fulfillment of their mandates in an impartial, objective, constructive and non-selective manner, give equal attention to all categories of human rights, and facilitate seeking common ground amidst differences and building consensus among all parties, with a view to injecting strong impetus into international human rights cause," he said.
"Without peace and development, human rights are like a tree without roots," he said. "We should be committed to maintaining sustained peace, realizing common development, with a view to laying a solid foundation for the promotion and protection of human rights."